Outage Outbursts

Remember how common power outages are here in Turkey? In case you’ve forgotten, the correct answer is: VERY. Lately, these power outages have provided an excuse for silliness and Adele concerts.

With nothing but candles for light, we decided that evening power outages are meant to be an intermission from studying Turkish…

We have time.

We have passion yearning to be unleashed.

So, we sing.

The bed transforms into a stage.

We whip out the air guitars. And beat the rhythm on our legs until they’re bruised. And pound on our imaginary keyboards.

Now I understand how Adele injured her vocal chords…
Seriously, have you ever belted out one of her songs? How about all of them? It’s a workout!

Even more reason to thank God for every power outage and the carefree musical outburst that it creates.

(power outages provoke some serious silliness)


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