The early moments of Mamahood.

Although the first few months have been more challenging than not, these early moments of being a mama have been SUCH. A. GIFT.


I feel like I’ve even surprised myself at how natural it’s been for me to step into this new role.

For example,

I never thought I would be able to sleep less than 8 hours and still be able to function. So guess what? For awhile there I was sleeping fewer than 5 hours on average and I’m doing just fine.

I never thought a drug-free labor is something that would actually appeal to me… I mean, why would I do that to myself? Hmm, okay then, how about a home-birth? Bring it on. Seconds after pushing Judah into the world, I believe I even said something along the lines of “that was amazing, I would do that again!”

I also never thought I would be one of those first-time moms who doesn’t over-react about every little “issue” their baby is going through. It’s like someone snuck me a chill pill. Although I would say I’m naturally more easy-going, the fact that I’m able to remain calm when it comes to caring for my first-born babe is truly crazy, especially considering how much love I feel for him.



What’s my secret? 3 things:

1)My amazing down-to-earth husband who keeps me calm and is in charge of googling whatever inquiry I may have about my little. Of course, for all the serious things we go to the doctor. But for the minor things I don’t trust myself when it comes to google search, so this man does it for me. This is also the man who wakes up at 4am every morning to rock my baby back to bed in order to give me more sleep. Sleep does wonders for my emotional stability and ability to process clearly. Surprise surprise. AND he makes me coffee. Thank you, babe.

2)On-the-job meditations for moms: I have a stack of 25 Bible verse cards my mama gave me. I keep them on the coffee table so whenever I nurse Judah they’re easy to grab and meditate on. One of my all-time favorites is Isaiah 40:11 which says, “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those have young.” Keeping truth at the forefront of my mind helps me to surrender my tight grasp on my baby and lift him before the Father each morning. I truly feel His peace around me.

3)Community: Doing life with a group of moms who have kids both in and out of diapers has been huge as I step into mamahood myself. Observing how mamas from several different cultures mother their babies has given me more perspective than I could ever imagine. These women have encouraged me, given me advice even when I don’t ask for it, and have taught me to have grace for myself when it comes to being a mama.

Saying all these things DOES NOT mean I’ve figured everything out. Oh my goodness. BY FAR! I definitely have my moments… ask my husband.

Seriously, I have gained so much respect for all the moms out there, and I haven’t even gotten to the discipline stage yet. I know my respect will only continue to grow as I experience each new phase of Judah’s life…

But all this said, I am simply overflowing with gratitude for this season of becoming a mama and for my precious baby boy. Every new day I have with him is a delight.



One thought on “The early moments of Mamahood.

  1. THank you for sharing these sweet thoughts! It’s a joy to watch you love on Judah 🙂 it’s so clearly the Lords love thru you! A blessing to witness


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