“Guess Date”

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When our baby decided he wasn’t going to show his face on his due date, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. After waiting 9 months, I didn’t think I could wait any longer to meet my baby boy!

A friend of mine told me they had been encouraged to refer to their due date as a “guess” date, and boy do I see wisdom behind that kind of reasoning.

As a first time mom, I’ve been doing plenty of research so I can know what to expect. I demolished a tower of pregnancy books, scarfed down motherhood blogs like brownie crumbs, and even started following other moms and their cute organic-clothed babies on Instagram. I would be prepared.

In addition, my current position has me assisting and doing life with other expecting moms. There’s a weekly prenatal class I attend that allows me to support new moms through their pregnancies, teaching them about the labor process, answering their questions about their growing bellies, and calming their worries when their babies don’t come on their due date. In fact, I put a lot of emphasis to make sure they know that “It’s completely normal and perfectly fine for a baby (without any risks) to be born 2 weeks after expected,” and then I add, “don’t rush to be induced!”

If only I could calm my worries as well as I think I help calm theirs!

As educated as I think I am on birth, waiting for the much-anticipated labor signs only to go to bed after an un-eventful day or wake up the next morning still pregnant… well, it definitely becomes a mental game.

At my last check-up, the doctor began talking to me about what steps we would take if the baby didn’t come by such-and-such date. I got pretty upset but put on a smile and politely said “I don’t want to think about that right now.” A firm believer in natural, non-intervention birth, my hopes and dreams for how this baby would be born do not include being committed to a hospital bed hooked to an IV-drip with a monitor strapped to my belly.

No. Thank. You.

I know that birth is a beautiful miracle, No. Matter. What.

However, I was not about to let my doctor hijack my birth plan because our baby decided he wanted to cook a few more days.

But because he brought it up, we had to think about it. And the thinking about it came with a rush of doubts and to be honest, a little bit of depression.

The daily question of “Why won’t he just come?” dug up emotions similar to when the daily question used to be (and still is, sometimes) “Why won’t God just heal me?” Feeling like nothing is ever going to change, I’m never going to be able to do the activities I used to do, like my whole life is on hold, like I’m not accomplishing anything…

These emotions merely point out what a self-centered, idolatrous human I am.

So what if my body is never healed and my feet always hurt? God will still use it for His glory.

Was having a broken ankle part of my plan for my dream wedding day? Most definitely not. Did it ruin the wedding? It most definitely did not. In fact, that day was one of the holiest experiences of my life.

So what if my baby isn’t introduced into the world the way I’ve always imagined? God will still use it for His glory, and my baby will get to play a part in His beautiful story.

For, the due date truly is just a guess date, and I’d much prefer my baby to be born on “God’s Date.”

Whenever that may be….


One thought on ““Guess Date”

  1. I’m a Nana…way past childbearing years, but may I say I love your perspective on life and especially on God’s timing for a baby to arrive. Your blogs are a blessing to read!!


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