Over the Phone


After a satisfying conversation with a dear friend, my heart felt the fullest it’s been in awhile. In a world of relationships, there exist gems like this one who have the prized ability to breath life into others- even over the phone.

Although God has lead us to different areas of the globe, the warm fuzzies tingling in my soul long after we hung-up indicated a closeness. There’s nothing like a divine phone call; God always seems to orchestrate them during the most needed times.

We volleyed the topics back and forth, asking questions that bared our honest answers. Being able to speak my raw thoughts aloud was reviving– I knew she truly cared.

This kind of friend is rare, and I’m amazed she’s one of mine. A gift to everyone she befriends, I’m so glad she befriended me.

We’re both drastically different people from who we were when we first met. And that’s a good thing.

It’s because we’ve both learned to step back and let God be our guide. With the Holy Spirit as our compass, the places he has brought us have resulted in changing us, transforming us, and growing us to be less of the old and become more of the new.

Having similar life experiences of mixed variety, my friend and I are able to better relate, encourage, and pray for the other with a spirit of common wisdom.

Within our separate stories, as well as through the other, I can speak for the both of us that we’re discovering the greatest lessons life can offer:

One, the realization of the grace poured out toward us.
Two, the mercy and affection of Jesus Christ our Savior.

May He continue to lead us in gratitude as we live where we are and do what we do.

Until we ring again.


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