Best Day Ever: Part One

It was finally here. My wedding day!

Did I sleep last night? No. Not really. After a late night of last minute packing, my head hit the pillow with thoughts of what the next day would bring. My sister lay next to me; we squeezed hands and treasured our last sleepover as single sisters. Then, before I knew it, morning was here!!!!

November 2nd, 2014!

I jumped out of bed and got ready for the biggest day of my life. The house was full of all my favorite people, ready to support and celebrate with me. We put on our “day-of” attire, v-neck wedding shirts with fall plaids, and drove to kick-off the day with a delicious OPH breakfast. What a feast it was! We all crammed around the tables -the entire bridal party, visiting family and friends- stylin with our tshirts and smiles:) When we’d all had our fill, I hugged my groom goodbye, and we hurried off to begin the bridal beautification process!

I rode over in the van with my mom and grandma. Yes, we had to turn around to retrieve mom’s forgotten clipboard, and then my dad had to bring the forgotten veil, but in the end, it all worked out fine. To add to the drama of the day, my purity ring I’d worn since I was 18 had ironically fallen off the night before. It must have slipped off due to the cold! Although no longer needed, that too was thankfully found.

My girlfriends beat me to my grandma’s house (where we were all getting ready), so I was greeted by them with Caribou coffee in one hand and my first mimosa in the other. Let the fun begin!

I sat on a cushioned foot stool in the beautifully lit, tall-windowed bathroom. It was fit for a queen, or in my case, a bride! We wasted no time. The laptop with our wedding morning playlist was put into the empty bathtub. Curlers got plugged into every outlet. The hairspray came out, and the bobby pins went in!

Nothing could have prepared me for the joy I felt every second of every minute of every hour throughout the entire day! Truly, spending the morning getting ready with my closest girlfriends, sister, mother, and both my grandmothers was one of the sweetest memories I will cherish forever.

The photographer came just as the final touches of makeup were being finished (click here to see all our favorite wedding photos!) She gathered us into the master bedroom and we posed for pictures, at ease, happily laughing. Then, as I started to step into the dress of my dreams, it hit me that I wasn’t just putting it on for a fitting, but I was putting it on to actually wear for REAL. I giggled with glee, hardly believing it was really happening!

My mom felt it too. Once I was snug in my dress, we looked at each other and exchanged knowing mom-to-daughter smiles: this was going to be an absolutely amazing, most wonderfully magical day.

Now, for the wedding shoes. Even with a broken ankle, I was determined to wear my wedding shoes on my wedding day. I had searched high and low until I had found the perfect pair of gold, pointy flats. Gently removing my foot from my aircast, I instead wrapped my ankle with an ace bandage and an old basketball brace. Feeling secure, I guided my foot into the long-awaited gold slipper and held my breath as I buckled the strap — whew! It fit! My sister and I laughed at how it wasn’t at all what I had imagined to be hiding underneath my gown, but it worked!!!

Arm-in-arm with my mom, she walked me down the first aisle of the day, through my grandparents’ corridor into the study where my dad was patiently waiting for his first look of the bride. With his grinning approval, I did a little spin. Looking more beautiful than ever, my dad sent his daughter off to meet her groom.

Although the drive was only 15 minutes, I felt like it took forever to get there. The whole way I kept saying outloud- “What do I do when I see him? What am I supposed to do?! I’m way too excited!!” And I really had to go to the bathroom!

My nerves only heightened as I stood stationed on the backyard patio, waiting for a glimpse of  my husband-to-be. I couldn’t breathe. Finally, the door opened and a handsome man emerged. He looked so dashing in his tux! I can’t believe I get to marry this man!!!! Not knowing if we were allowed to kiss before the “I Do’s”, we embraced and looked the other over. Wow. There were really no words to justly describe the emotions rolling in that moment. We laughed. I teared up a little. The joy could not be contained.

Jesse and I exchanged gifts. He knows how much I like big coffee mugs, so he had designed one for me with our picture on it and wrote some sweet words. I knew he had needed a new “adventure” watch, so he unwrapped a durable G-Shock he could finally replace his old one with. Jesse prayed a blessing over our day, and we hopped into the golf cart to drive us to our photo shoot bridge.

Pictures were a blast. And when the photographer told us to kiss, we didn’t hesitate.

Our bridal party joined us outside. Can I just say how fun these people are? I cannot imagine a better group of friends to celebrate our day with. Everyone had the best attitudes, and even though there were spouts of chilly winds that gave us all goose-bumps, not one person complained. Instead, they filled the air with laughter and congrats.

We drove to the church for family pictures. Everyone gathered as the sun was lowering on the horizon, which made for the most beautiful backdrop of rolling prairie. Jesse and I snuck away for sunset pictures, and he swept me off my feet for captured memories of a lifetime.

The day was already the best day, and this was just the beginning! We still had the ceremony, the reception, and the send-off!!!

Parting ways for the last time, Jesse and I rejoined our perspective groups before the procession. Sitting in a circle, we both had a private time of prayer with our bridesmaids and groomsmen. I specifically remember one of my friends praying for my ankle, that I would be able to gracefully walk down the aisle and that I would be free of all pain for the next hour. We said amen and the wedding coordinator motioned for us to line-up…


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