Where does time go? If only I could grab it before it flies away… Though I am indeed thankful that I’m still puttering along with it.

The days and hours and minutes and seconds have been filled with wonderful things. A first kiss. A Christmas introducing my family to the city that I love. A new year welcomed in floating through the backwaters of Allepey, India. A season of forced rest and recovery, some of which carried over into a blissful vacation to Italy to meet up with my boyfriend and some friends for a week where I can honestly plead every day as my favorite day…

So again, my blog has been backblogged. I look at the last entry date and can’t believe it’s already been too many months since I last sat down to write.

Writing. I really do love writing. Finding ways to express events or life lessons with strings of words that can be organized just about any way I grammatically choose to place them is a delightful chore to which my fingers jump at any chance to perform.

When I write, what I say goes. The thoughts presented don’t have to ask permission from any other hierarchy other than myself in order to be put on the page. They’re free to flow. My personality tastefully appreciates writing for its character qualities that nicely line up with my natural tendencies: quick, efficient, and bold.

There are times and places for assertiveness. Writing is one of them. There is no wrong or right (within appropriate, respectful measures of course) simply because the only opinion that matters is the voice of the one writing.

Sometimes I wish I was as bold as I was in my face-to-face encounters as I am in writing. However, there are also times when I wish I was as bold in my writing as I was verbally. Especially with this blog, I’ve found that I have had to censor a great deal of information. I wish I could write more. Write EVERYTHING. I wish that you could know it all.

Maybe one day I’ll write a book that will say everything. The blogs I haven’t publically posted. The pages of my journals. The stories and testimonies of the displaced people I’m currently doing life with. Past and present struggles. You name it.


Pray for me. For courage of thoughtful assertiveness, to write, speak, and act with a strong and wise strength for which to declare these ever-pressing words.


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