Plaid Pajamas

There comes a time when I feel the need to stay in my pajamas all day. It’s an absolute must in order to make myself stay home.

Then I fill up another kettle to heat water for one more pot of coffee. I can’t leave if I know I have fresh coffee that needs to be taken care of…

Today was this kind of day.

I knew that if I got dressed I would be out buying eggs or paying bills or making plans to meet up with someone.

There’s a time for that, too. But not today. Today is my sabbath.

So here I sit.

Slippers. Plaid pajamas.


Guilt-free. Burden-free.

Read. Write. Think.

Pray. Dance. Sing.

Taking care of me. Pausing to ask myself, what do I need right now, right here, in this moment?

To abide in my Father and listen to His words. To feel His support and His encouragement. To let His truth seep into my thoughts.

“Kimmy. My daughter. I am SO pleased with you. I am SO proud of you. You’re doing a GREAT job! I see you and I CELEBRATE you. How you love with my love and love to be loved by Me… Keep going Kimmy, I’ve got you!”

Yes. Staying home in my pajamas was a good decision indeed.



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