Vitamin Visitors

If my life were monitored on a chart, the records would show I’ve been in a stabilized dip these late summer months, battling sickness and all that drags me down because of it.

If then, on her rounds, the nurse had come to check on me this past weekend, she would have declared a miracle, seeing my chart to finally indicate an upward direction, and a steep incline at that!

What has caused this sudden influx? How on earth did this miracle happen?

I’ll call them my vitamin visitors.

Okay, they have names- the lovely Kayla and her husband Richie.

Kayla told me that before they came to visit me, her and Richie had prayed for the visit to be like a vitamin boost, and that’s exactly what it was: a steady dose of a vitamin called “just what I needed.”

These cool kids were taking a “2nd Honeymoon,” visiting family and touring around Europe. Somehow Istanbul inched its way into their itinerary,  lengthening their travels to include 5 days with lucky little me!

I had a blast touring with my two tall towers, pulling them along with me unto trams and metros and buses and ferries, where they clearly stood out yet somehow strangely looked to very much belong.

Willing to try new foods and say impossible words, comfortable in the uncomfortable, content to not know everything while at the same time asking questions I’d never heard composed before, Kayla and Richie brought along the best attitudes travelers could possibly have, thus allowing even more potential for the positive experiences and crazy adventures that bound our time together.

Sharing with them a country that I have fallen in love with merely moved me to fall even more in love with it, especially when they echoed a similar response and delight to the people and the culture I presented to them. Both by their reactions and their words, they affirmed everything I know to be true as well as providing other insights supporting the heart and mentality of why I do what I do where I am and with who.

Being able to give them a peek into my life –snapshots of the fun, the work, and the relationships– meant more and stirred up more than I had anticipated. Kayla and Richie have witnessed the college years of my life, the good, the bad, the growth, and the steps involved in moving to Turkey. So, to continue my friendship with them to include what God is doing in my current season of life, well, it felt right.

It served to fill an aspect of living here that is more of a struggle because of the distance and separation my world underwent when I said goodbye and flew across the ocean… That of encouragement, accountability, and of deep honesty- the type that only friends with roots can truly fill.

To the Browns: thank you for the sacrifices of time and resources that you gave up, for pausing your lives to simply come be a part of mine. Even thought it was brief, it was perfect; exactly the vitamin boost I’d been deprived of.

I miss you already, but am overflowing with gratitude for how you continue to be that blessing in my life, one of heaven-sent friendship which will still be in motion for the thousands and thousands of years we have ahead of us…

God is good, and almonds have husks! 🙂


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