Seeds to Share

I was on the hunt, searching for the perfect raw ingredients to put in my granola mixture.

However, when walking down the sidewalks of my city’s narrow streets, sometimes I can’t help but feel as though I am a mouse, trying to navigate my way between the tall walls of buildings creating walls around me. The visible sliver of daylight forcing itself between the gaps mocks me, telling me my feat is impossible– that I’m a mouse at war with the world. I mean, even Pinky and Brain eventually admitted defeat.

But I stick out my nose in pursuit and dart around obstacles, the majority of them being other bodies coming at me from all sides.

I’m too focused on the finish line to care… if I was a seed where would I be? I dodge into one shop. Nope. Dead end. I backtrack and re-route. Another dead end.

The next shop I enter fills my hands with seeds. Great. Except they’re not the kind I wanted.

Discouraged and with seeds slipping between my cracked fingers, i head back into the maze, munching on my near luck.

My next attacker comes at me, but instead of going around her, I stop. It’s a small girl asking for food and do I have anything to give? I smile. Buyurun (here you go), pouring out some seeds into her tiny cupped hands.

I head forward, slowed by the event, head on a swivel. What to do with the seeds that I’ve been given?

There, sitting on the curb is a gypsie teenager. I sit down beside her. She looked up, surprised and caught off-guard as I spoke, asking if she would like to share my seeds, for I simply had too many! Tentatively, she opened her hands to receive, watching as seeds trickled from my hands into her dirt-covered ones.

Continuing through the maze, I made my way to the finish line and found my so-desired seeds. However, what I delighted in at the end was not my winning prize, but the fact of being able to give what I had.

I had been entirely bummed when the shopkeeper had filled my hands with the wrong seeds. No! I don’t want these! But later, I realized their purpose; they weren’t for me but for the two girls I shared them with.

It was a good reminder to not let my surroundings change my attitude.

To not be so set on one plan that I miss out on the plan and the route God wants to put me on.

Even when it seems like a dead end, and especially when people begin to appear as obstacles instead of stopping points.

To look at where I am and what I have with gratitude and expectance.

To receive gifts, then to seek give them away.

To see that there are always seeds to share.


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