Today I ate midye: mussels that are stuffed with spiced rice and flavored with a squeeze of lemon.

I was told my life would be changed.

As it somewhat resembled sushi -which I’ve always wanted to like but every time I eat it I battle some texture issues- the thought of it made me gag.

However, I’m turning over a new leaf and trying new things.

Especially if it’s gluten-free… anything to expand my options!!!

So I said yes and before I knew it, I was holding a clam in my hand.

I stared at it long and hard.

Midye, you’re going down!

In a swift (yet awkward) movement, I scraped the contents unto my palette. Yikes- it was a rude amount to try and fit in my mouth!

Step 1: chew.
Step 2: swallow.
Step 3: keep it down.

As soon as I realized I had accomplished Step 3, I smiled a triumphant smile.

For in a way, it did change my life; I grasped opportunity by the horns. It was a moment that could have easily come and gone with little meaning, but instead, I made it count.


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