The Flag

Traffic was a beast. I was on a bus. On my way home.

I stood in the aisle, squished-in among the masses. The bus driver kept letting more people on. It was like a game to him: let’s see how many french fries you can fit into the carton. Hello, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The capacity was beyond capped. I didn’t even have to hold onto the bar above me since the bodies pressed all around me kept me propped up and stationary. Despite being a head taller than the majority on the bus, I was struggling to breathe and decided enough was enough.

I’m not claustrophobic by any means, but there was no way I could stand like that for much longer. I was still pretty far away, but not more than an hour on foot… Making up my mind, I planned to escape at the next stop. I’d rather stretch my legs than breathe in the entire population.

Dodging underneath arms and stepping on many toes, I forced my way to the doors, practically leaping out when they clunked open.

Fresh air. Well, as fresh as it possibly can be for one of the largest cities in the world. Filling my lungs with a variety of pollutions, I continued the journey home. Thankful of the choice I made. For the “alone” time this walk provided.

The street ran parallel to the water so I caught glimpses of it in between buildings. In fact, I searched for it, and I now understand why Superman valued his laser-vision powers. Whenever an open space gave the slightest inclination of viewing pleasure, my eyes burned through to find the water. Finding freedom.

Earphones drowning out the traffic, I continued home in this manner. Searching. Praying. Receiving.

At one of these gap/viewing intervals, I also saw a flag. It was a big one, spread out wide atop a strong iron pole, planted firmly on a mound near the water’s bank. Behind it was the city. A city brimming over with more people than even this extrovert can honestly handle at times. Case example: remember the bus?

As I searched and prayed, God showed me the flag. From it He spoke to me His authority over the land my feet are treading, claiming it as His territory. He has planted His flag and He is fighting for it. Warring for all living here to find freedom from the chains they’re suffering.

With this vision, He reminded me of His heart and why He brought me here: He wants to bring His nations home. I carry His flag, and the truth is brought everywhere I go: unto every crowded bus, into every home, and to every heart.

Staking Christ’s victory. Planting His flag.

Fighting for freedom for the people He loves in my city- all 13.9 million of them.


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