Shout-Out Stephie

This post is a shout-out to my dear friend Stephie… Although we’re currently living on two different continents, she has continued to play an influential part in my life. Her primary goal in life is to shine for Jesus, and I couldn’t be more blessed than to share life with someone whose character genuinely reflects her deepest desire!

I’ve known Stephie since elementary school, but our friendship really blossomed in high school– it was then that we really began living life together. From the little things like writing notes we exchanged in between classes, borrowing clothes, shedding light on boy drama, to sharing in more significant life lessons and studying the Word together…  As we both matured, so did our friendship.  She is such a treasure to me; I am so blessed to have such an amazing woman of God to call my soul sister.

As I was preparing to leave the country this summer- Stephie never failed to support and encourage me when obstacles arose. Whether it was an early morning breakfast date or home-brewed iced coffee and a quick walk, she was never to busy to make time for me and my latest dilemma. The wisdom she sheds upon my life comes doesn’t come without experience: I have seen her go through her own trials and am impressed by the way she is able to handle them with grace and prayer and positivity. She is honest about how, yes, life can be hard and often disappointing, but doesn’t let that stop her from clinging unto who she knows she is in the Lord.

Yes. A reason we get along so well could be our similar personalities… The social realm is her playground. Her extroverted and positive personality outfits her entire being with exuberance. She has a contagious smile and a confidence that makes everyone who is around her feel special. She is quick to catch when something is wrong and is quick to encourage and comfort- offering empathy and prayer and wisdom. Her heart for teaching fits her giftings perfectly, and her time spent mentoring and discipling young girls is changing lives. Stephie is wise beyond her years.

Steph is a driven person. She takes on a lot of responsibility all at the same time. And, as an achiever, it works. She’s a walking display of strength- always filled with energy and enthusiasm for whatever task is set before her. I’m amazed at the self-discipline she practices daily, both with her intense workouts and with her ever-growing spiritual walk. I greatly admire her dedication to the passions God has given her.

In everything I do, Stephie has always offered me her full support.  And I will always do the same for her. I believe in her because she believes in herself, seeking her strength and joy first and foremost in the Lord. She desires to use her giftings for His Glory, and it’s no secret to her friends and people who know her that her life is all about Him.

Over the years I have seen Stephie’s heart transform more and more into one resembling her Father’s heart for the world. For whatever is next in her journey, she’s more than ready…

My blessings to you, Stephie, as you graduate college this year and leap into learning even more about yourself, about the Lord, and about His plans for your life. I am so proud of you.



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