Under Construction


These are the housewarming sounds which welcomed us into our apartment our first day.

These are also the sounds which have continued to welcome us into the neighborhood. Never missing a beat, every day they persistently remind us we live in Turkey, where walls are paper thin and everybody can hear everything.

A fussy cat, a public dispute -where they shamelessly stand inches apart yelling at each others’ faces- a meat delivery boy roaring his bike engine into gear, a Simit Seller’s mumbled cry advertising his pastries resembling rings of soft doughy pretzels…
we hear it all.

I don’t mind the sounds of life. No. In fact, I love our neighborhood noises. They remind me of my current surroundings and that I’m where I’m meant to be doing what I’ve always dreamed of doing.


Well. At first I smiled. Day two, I sorta laughed it off.  Week 4??? I groaned. The construction has not only continued from the project next door, but in addition the ENTIRE building across the street is now being totally remodeled as well. We are literally living in a construction zone. If asked to give some thoughts on what Turkish home-life is like so far, my very reflective comment would be: “DRILLS. Lots and lots of drills.”


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