My Backyard

Growing up in rural Minnesota provided my childhood with the luxury of a backyard. Not a fenced-in backyard, but a backyard connecting with the other yards, extending it into perfect capture-the-flag and night game territory with the neighbors.

Ohh, in my backyard… imaginations were loosed and watermelon seeds were spit. Knees were stained green and tall trees were climbed- scared but not deterred by the blowing wind. Snowballs were thrown and noses frosted cold as battles endured. Dandelions naughtily grew untamed and baby bunnies were born beneath the scraggleweed. This was my backyard.

It was there I learned wonder and adventure and freedom. Fears were overcome and replaced with discovery. Awe was beheld by the risk taker. The kid who made it to the tree’s swaying crest exposed to beauty and elite perspective, breathing in fresh air and new opportunities. Seeing life from the kite’s horizon.

Exploring my new backyard has brought similar emotions. I step out my front door and have endless routes leading me to entrepreneurial discovery. Of myself. Of itself.  I want to discover. I want to risk. I want beauty, perspective, new life.

Setting my eyes on my surroundings for the first time. Afraid to even blink. Viewing and embracing the new as the norm. Letting a tram take me back hundreds of years to unveil ancient buildings holding stories of history old. Experiencing chills of admiration. Getting lost in the crowds. Blending in like a blade of grass. Intentionally going without an umbrella, just to feel the rain of a different land. This is my backyard.

Unleashed and unsupervised, daring to understand an unfamiliar culture. Speak a different tongue. This is my backyard.

Tasting and touching and listening. Delight and fascination and mesmorization. A whirlwind of newness. This is my backyard.

Daily getting on and off a ferry boat. Greeting the unknown side with anticipation and action. Giving each cobblestone a chance. My heart open to receive and learn and share and love.

All in my backyard.


my backyard tram aka my transportation to exploration

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