Yavaş Yavaş

Beds? cheapest ones in town- they even pop up for underneath storage!
Turkish rugs? an absolute steal! (must find a carpet cleaner)
Second hand random coffee tables? i’ll take 4!
Nescafe instant coffee? coffee pots cost an arm and a leg!
Thriftstore wardrobe? Narnia!
Svanby beyge couch? hours of ikea adventures!
Junky streetside fan? no more pigeon coo’s to wake these girls up/hello ventilation!
Fridge fillers? fresh produce markets on every corner!
Cupboard cravings? supplied by our friendly nut stand man!

After trekking literally everywhere to gather meager furnishings, it’s official. By week four of this two year venture, we have finally moved into our own space. Setting up our living quarters definitely took a lot longer than anticipated, however it allowed me perspective on the pace of life lived around us. Everything demands time and a physical journey. Nothing happens by going online. One must take a ferry, connect to a minibus, connect to a metrobus, connect to the metro, and then walk up istanbul’s infamous hills in order to start the electric bill or turn on the gas. Errands that take 5 minutes in America may take an entire day here. Such is the pace of life.

So when the time came, we were more than ready to unpack our suitcases, go to sleep in our apartment, wake up in our apartment, and then go to sleep in our apartment. Getting to this point has indeed been enjoyable and invaluable. Being out and about in the lively culture, getting unintentional tours of Istanbul’s landscape, climbing many a hill, frequenting our favorite cafe with 5 lira kahvalti, meeting our neighbors, and making friends with our limited turkish… it has created the foundation of “yavaş[sh] yavaş[sh],” or “slowly slowly.”

Slowly we will learn language and culture. Day by day we will grow in relationship with God and relationship with one another. Time is beautiful, so let us not rush it.


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