Elbow Grease

You know when you eat a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, and how satisfying it is to eat it layer by layer? First the creamy frosting on top, then the vanilla ice cream, then the fudge, then the chocolate, then the oreo fudge crust… Bite by bite, layer by layer, until fork scrapes bottom. Since it’s frozen, it’s almost a job to eat it in such a way, but it’s so worth it.

That’s how I felt today as I scraped goo and gunk and dust and dirt from every nook and cranny of our newly rented apartment. From a quick glance it didn’t look like much cleaning needed to be done. But once I had a sponge in my hand, I had a rude awakening: the kitchen.

Either there had been a science experiment conducted on the stove or somebody blew their nose excessively, but for whatever reason, there was a yellow gunk residue EVERYWHERE.  I went at it with determination and vigor. There is no room in my new home for germs! Layer by layer, the yellow invasion painfully began thinning, until, 7 hours later, there was not a spot to be seen. As my sponge scraped metal, I knew my job was complete. It was a job. But it was so worth it.

However, for whatever reason I was compelled to climb up on the counter and peer on top of the cupboards. Bad life choice. Awaiting me was another delightfully sticky carpet of dirt and dust that seemed to have molecularly bonded into a tar-like substance. Once again, layer by layer, I aggressively attacked that grime until it the cupboards looked like new. It was totally unnecessary  Nobody even sees up that high. But I know its clean. And I know that the only layer remaining is the shine from my elbow grease.

So satisfying.


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