The Comeback


For all you athletes, we know this dreaded acronym stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. It  works when obeyed. However, both the trainer and the athlete know all of the above might be followed except for the R. Rest is hard. One of the main reasons for injuries is lack of rest, so if that’s a problem to begin with, habit and overuse isn’t likely to stop. Or maybe the injured victim thinks they’re doing a good job at resting, when really, they’re still doing more than they should. I’m praying this isn’t me. This summer I was strictly prohibited from running. So I didn’t run.
At all.
Until my departure date.
The weather was perfect. There was a slight September breeze. Colored leaves had drifted from their assigned branches unto the pavement below. I couldn’t help it. It was a red letter day. I had to run.
The next day my feet felt the repercussions. Patience, Kimmy. I rested. Again.
Until London.
It’s nearly impossible to live across from Hyde Park and not go running. Even non-runners go on runs there. So I ran. Dealt with the consequences. Rested.
Until my birthday.
Everyone deserves a birthday run, right? Especially a birthday run along the Bosphorous River. Oh it was such a good run. I felt no pain. Until the next day.
It’s been about a week since that birthday run. I decided to attempt another one. It’s now the evening of this run, and my feet are in fine shape. Ladies and gentlemen, it appears to be that I’m making a comeback…

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